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Physical Therapy Now Annual Summer Cookout

Here at Physical Therapy Now, we make our patients our #1 priority.  Afterall, they’re the ones who have contributed to the success and rapid growth of our company.  With new locations opening in and beyond Florida on a monthly basis, we know customer satisfaction must be in check.

However, there is another group of people that we must also make a priority, and that is our employees.  Without them, the other side of our business operations wouldn’t be a success.  They’re the reason the franchise operation has become a smooth and seamless branch of Physical Therapy Now.  They work hard, they’re dedicated, they’re smart, and above all, each employee is a true asset to Physical Therapy Now, from the front of the house at each location, to the executive staff at corporate.

So how do make sure we take care of the hundreds of people employed by Physical Therapy Now?  With food, and fun, of course!

Summer Family Fun

We make an effort to show employee appreciation on a year-round basis.  But summer is an especially great time to do so, because the weather is great, and families are making the most of their children being home from school. So we thought, let’s show our employees some love and their families as well.

We began a Summer Cookout tradition some years back, and it hasn’t stopped since. This summer, we invited every Physical Therapy Now employee and their families to gather at Tropical Park for some family fun. We chose this location because of all it has to offer. The event was scheduled from 12-6pm on August 24th – a perfect Saturday afternoon for family and fun!

The facility website says, “Tropical Park, developed on the site of a former horse track in 1979, attracts approximately 1,500,000 visitors annually. Visitors can enjoy bicycling, walking or running on the miles of paved pathways.”

Plus, it is absolutely stunning and what a joy it was to see our employees and their families enjoying everything it has to offer. To make it especially enjoyable for the kids, the Physical Therapy Now team had a host of sporting equipment on hand, including kickballs, baseball gear, frisbees and so much more.  And of course, we were well stocked on bubbles, because what kid doesn’t love bubbles in the summer? Perhaps the biggest hit was the water balloons!  The kids dove into those and wasted no time hurling balloon at one another.

And let us not forget the BOUNCY HOUSE!  Every kid – big and small – loved that.  Plus – some adults may have gotten in on the bouncing fun too!

The Physical Therapy Now Family Table

After all the socializing and play, of course everyone worked up an appetite.  The food was free flowing – and what is a PT Now cookout without proper cocktails?  Adults cooled off responsibly with cocktails and beer while the kids quenched their thirst with juice and ice cold water.

We all gathered, talked and dined under a pavilion lined with numerous picnic tables, and overall, the event (as expected) was a huge success.

It’s The Little Things

We truly believe we have the best of the best employees at Physical Therapy Now.  Now that summer has come to an end, we’re back in the swing of our fall routines and getting settled back in at work. But in the midst of it all, we want to make sure our employees enjoy each day of service and work, making each day a success for both our amazing patients, and themselves.

Hats off to our great team… we’re looking forward to next year’s annual summer event!


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