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Physical Therapy Patient Satisfaction

Patient satisfaction is one of the key components to maintaining a successful healthcare business. In the healthcare industry, it’s vital that patients are satisfied with the services they receive so that they don’t take their business elsewhere. Patient satisfaction is even more vital when running a franchise.

Why is patient satisfaction so important in a franchise? It’s like a snowball effect: a franchise has multiple locations. One bad patient experience can be associated with each one of those locations because those locations are all associated with the business (which, as a franchise, is also its brand). This is why it’s necessary to make sure that patients have a positive experience, and they leave your business feeling satisfied with the services provided.

Keeping Patients Satisfied

Having as many happy patients possible is the key to success.  Where do you start?

One component is offering flexible hours. Flexible hours allow more customers to have options when scheduling appointments that are best fit for them. Offering shorter appointments is also important for flexibility. In addition to flexible hours and shorter appointments, keeping appointments on schedule is crucial to patient satisfaction. Staying on time is an easy way to keep patients happy and reduces long wait times, and that can lead to a frustrated patient.

Some other patient satisfaction techniques include offering products for the patients to purchase at the PT office. Buying things often leads to ‘material satisfaction’ for patients, which in turn can contribute to overall satisfaction.  A side-benefit of offering items for sale is that the business is also generating more revenue. Lastly, offering a variety of PT options for patients allows for a unique physical therapy experience. Different PT options include:

How To Know Your Overall Patient Satisfaction

Taking steps to keep your patients satisfied does nothing if you don’t know if it is actually working.  Some ways to keep tabs on patient satisfaction:

Physical Therapy Franchise Options

If you believe you have what it takes to provide excellent physical therapy patient satisfaction, consider becoming part of the Physical Therapy Now franchise. To learn more, visit us at our website or call us at (800) 481- 4582.


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