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3 Franchise Trends for Mid-2019

Whether you own a franchise, are a franchisee, or if you are thinking about investing in a franchise business, it is imperative that you stay on top of the franchise trends for 2019. Today we’re spelling out three of the most popular trends and explaining all the details so you’re in the know.

Trend #1: Multiple Locations

Gone are the days when most everyone bought just one franchise location.  Just like any other savvy sales model, corporate franchise executives know sophisticated buyers want to make the most of their investment.  When it comes to the most profit potential for both the corporate side and the franchisees, there are many great deals to be had for buying more than one location.

Be sure to ask specifically about these models.  For example, at Physical Therapy Now, franchise fees per location get slashed significantly beginning at 3 locations.  Bump that number up to 10, and single investors and investor groups begin seeing huge profit potential.

Trend #2: Websites

Thanks to search engine giant Google and social media platforms such as Facebook, your business can gain visibility with a few clicks of a button.  But with franchise-based businesses, it isn’t as simple as just one website.  In many cases, a website for businesses with multiple locations (franchise or not) needs to have a separate domain for each location.

This will allow each single franchise location to take advantage of location-based search engine optimization (SEO).  This strategic marketing strategy helps each location to gain the imperative visibility needed bring in business from the city, state, and/or region where it is based.

Trend #3: Lines of Credit

With a steady economy and a large number of entrepreneurs gaining financial success now more than ever before, banks and lenders are feeling good about granting loans – especially for those franchise models that have a proven track record of success.   Pair that with good credit, business know how, a stellar franchise operation, plus a great location, and your chances of getting loans to fund your franchise venture are quite high.

Physical Therapy Now has already established relationships with banks and lenders who not only feel secure about the business model, but are confident in the company’s standards for vetting qualified franchisees that begins with a 7-Step Process.

Physical Therapy Franchise

As you continue your research for the perfect franchise investment opportunity, shift your line of thinking to the physical therapy business.  Physical Therapy Now is one of the fastest growing physical therapy operations in the country – making its mark heavily in the state of Florida and steadily branching out nationwide in several states.

While many of our franchisees are involved in the day to day operations of their Physical Therapy Now business, there are also investors who have little to no experience in physical therapy.  The latter means they primarily take on the role as owner/investor, choose to oversee the financial aspects of the company, and leave the day to day operations in the hands of another well-qualified individual. Regardless of the role you want to play in your franchise location, we can make it work to your advantage with Physical Therapy Now.

For more information, go to our website, give us a call at (8880) 481-4582 or check out our recent blog posts about the Physical Therapy Now franchise operation.  We’d love to hear from you!


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