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Finding A Franchise

You’re now in a position where investing in a franchise is not a far reach.  You have your finances in order, you know a getting a great loan is promising, and you’ve been researching aggressively to find a franchise that is a good fit.  So how do you narrow down the options and make sure you pick the right one?

The Background

There are may unique stories from franchisees about how their franchise journey came to be. Here at Physical Therapy Now, our franchisees come from all walks of life; we have Physical Therapy Assistants that decided to take their careers to another level, we have people who are purely in it from an investor role, we have people who have never worked in the physical therapy field, and so many others with unique stories.

Once you become a franchisee, you’ll have your own story too, but first, you have to get there.

A New Approach

So how do you make that happen? Fiona Simpson, a Senior Contributor at Forbes.com has an interesting suggestion:  She recommends treating the search for a franchise in the same manner that one might treat the search for a lifelong companion.

“Before launching enthusiastically into the quest for their perfect match, a prospective franchisee should take time to carefully consider their own wants and needs,” Simpson writes.  “Carrying out an analytical assessment at each stage of the developing relationship will hopefully ensure that a franchisee doesn’t leap into a commitment blinded by lust and that the ensuing franchise partnership is a long and happy one.”

Might there be merit in this thought process?  Perhaps.  Consider these five points that oddly correlate with a person-person relationship:

Simpson might be on to something.   So, to make sure you choose the RIGHT business, take her advice to go on a “date.”

She writes, “A proper “date” between franchisor and prospective franchisee could be arranged by either the would-be investor attending a Franchise Discovery Event or a one-to-one meeting, depending on factors such as timing, location, and the brand’s own recruitment procedures.”

Physical Therapy Franchise

Are you ready for a “date” with Physical Therapy Now?  It’s our treat! Give us a call to explore our investment options and take a look at our 7-Step application process to learn more.  We’ve recently been listed Forbes’ Top 100 New Franchises, so you can’t go wrong. Contact us today at (800) 481-4582.


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