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If you play sports or even watch them, you’re more than likely to see an injury occur during every single game or match. It’s simply the nature of sports. Even athletes in prime physical condition suffer injuries, some mild and some major.

In many sports, human bodies just aren’t designed to handle that kind of wear and tear or punishment, particularly in sports with heavy physical contact. Fortunately, there’s a way to take care of those injuries, work to prevent further injury, and get back on the field again…physical therapy.

What Kind of Injuries Can Be Treated with Physical Therapy?

Just about any! From minor muscle strains and pulls to ligament tears, compound fractures, and concussions, physical therapy can help nearly any injury sustained on the field of play. Here are some of the sports-related injuries we treat at Physical Therapy Now in Irving:

Of course, these aren’t the only sports-related injuries that we can help with physical therapy–these are just the most common. At Physical Therapy Now in Irving, we’re ready to help with nearly any injury you may be experiencing.

What Kind of Physical Therapy Is Used for Sports Injuries?

It really depends on the type of injury. For example, we offer muscle strain and sprain therapy designed to target that specific type of injury to hamstrings, quads, and other muscles that might be injured. Our concussion program focuses on all aspects of concussions, including testing, diagnosis, and treatment. For knee, hip, or back injuries, we might create a treatment plan that includes massage and exercise therapy. We also offer unique tailor-made programs for athletes and trainers to choose the recovery path that is best for current and future goals. No matter what the injury is, our team of skilled, licensed physical therapists is here to help you get back to 100% and ready to take the field or hit the court again.

Sports Injury Physical Therapy in Irving

Here in Texas, sports are ingrained in the state’s culture. From Little League baseball and pee-wee football through high school sports, college, and the pros, Texas is home to literally tens of thousands of athletes of all skill levels and ages. That means we certainly see our share of injuries. So if you or a family member has suffered a sports-related injury, we’ve got your back!

Come see us at Physical Therapy Now, at our state-of-the-art facility in Irving. We’ll get an evaluation of your injury and work with you to create the right treatment plan–designed specifically for you and your injury. From tennis elbow to total knee reconstruction, our team will work to get you up and running–or throwing, jumping, kicking, and swinging.

We’re easy to get to from just about anywhere in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and we’re ready to help with your sports injury. Call us today at (214) 225-0291 to get started on the road to recovery!


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