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Concussions could arise at any time during sports or accident.  Concussions to lead to serious injury if not identified early or not identified at all.  Physical Therapy Now offers Concussion testing, diagnosing and treatments.  Our trained Physicians and Physical Therapist are trained on all aspects of concussions including testing, diagnosing, and treating.  Have you suffered a head injury? Call to schedule an appointment now.

Testing and Diagnosis 

Step 1: Vestibular Screening

Step 2: ImPACT Post-Injury Testing

Step 3: Symptom Assessment

Step 4: Sideline Assessment

If Concussion is confirmed, athlete must follow up with our trained concussion Physician for further evaluation. Medical provider will keep close supervision on athlete through several follow up during the next two weeks. If symptoms are still present a specific Physical Therapy Vestibular program will be recommended before the athlete could return to sports.









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