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The BEST Franchise for Young Entrepreneurs

in particular, will enjoy a Physical Therapy Now Franchise.

It’s Easy

Investing in a franchise can be extremely lucrative, but it isn’t always easy.  With Physical Therapy Now, we make the franchising process easier than you ever imagined.  We don’t want our business to be difficult, so we built a simplified franchising program that walks you through each step of the franchising process with ease. No fancy big words and no hidden terms and conditions.  We love transparency, and when you choose Physical Therapy now, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

We’re Young Too!

Sure, you can choose to buy into a franchising company that has been around for decades, but there’s a cost:  your franchising fees (and many others) will be far beyond what you are comfortable investing.  For the young entrepreneur, allocating those funds (or, for that matter, obtaining them) may not be a reasonable option. With Physical Therapy Now, you’ll be quite impressed with the small investment it takes to get started.  We are also approved with the SBA.

We’re Growing at a Record Pace

Because we are a relatively new franchise, your opportunity for growth is immeasurable.  Since we opened our first location in 2003, Physical Therapy Now has opened dozens of locations in Florida and along the east coast.  Because we excel in both patient care and employee satisfaction and implement proven methods and the latest technology in our treatment programs, Physical Therapy Now is the top choice for both job seekers and prospective patients alike.

Top Franchise

There are countless reasons why you should choose to join us in our family of franchise owners at Physical Therapy Now.   You’ll be joining a team of like-minded entrepreneurs who are supportive and enthusiastic, and our franchise team will be with you each step of the way as you build and maintain your Physical Therapy Now franchise.  Email us today to learn more at Franchise@PhysicalTherapyNow.com


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