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You’ve landed here for a reason.  If you’re looking into franchises, you’re in luck, because you’ve just managed to find a franchise opportunity like no other.  Physical Therapy Now is growing at a record pace, yet it still a young business when compared to other franchises.

The Initial Investment

The upfront cost to invest in a Physical Therapy Now franchise makes for a rare opportunity for people like you, because you can get in now while the initial investment is low, yet reap the same benefits offered by other franchises for tens of thousands of dollars more.   You won’t find many businesses like Physical Therapy Now.  The franchise market for physical therapy is virtually untouched, so now is the time.  At just $40,000, you’ll be on your way to opening the doors to your first Physical Therapy Now franchise.

The Demand

However, it isn’t just about the upfront investment.  The beauty in owning a Physical Therapy business is that (especially in a state like Florida) the need to physical therapy is extremely high.  Potential clients from the “seasoned generations” that flock to the Sunshine State are also in need of a great place where they can receive an unparalleled customer service experience as it relates to location, staff, and active time during the session.  Plus, not to mention the state-wide love for sports.  Where there are people running vigorously, there are injuries.  Why not invest in a place that can provide exactly what they need when they get an injury that needs rehabilitation?

The ROI – in Dollars

Because the demand is so high for physical therapy in Florida, it is quite easy to see a fast profit from a Physical Therapy Now franchise.  This will be most evident in the appointment books that are filled weeks – and sometimes months in advance.  So when the appointment books are full, your clients are getting what they need, and when they are satisfied, word starts to spread about Physical Therapy Now, and then, you’ll be making back what you initially invested – and reaping all the financial benefits.

The ROI – in Spirit

There’s no denying that it feels good to help someone.  That’s why we hold open a door, or pick up an item someone drops or let them cross the street when they don’t have the right-of-way.  Now…. Just imagine that little piece of happiness multiplied several times over when you help someone learn to walk again, or you help alleviate their chronic pain.  That feeling is infectious and perhaps one of the most significant benefits of owning such a spiritually lucrative company like Physical Therapy Now.

How to Open a Physical Therapy Now Franchise

You’ve made a great move in your considerations to join our team of Physical Therapy Now franchisees. We have been proudly listed in Entrepreneur Magazine’s The Franchise 500 and provide uncompromised support of our franchise owners.   Physical Therapy in Miami and beyond has never been at such a high quality, and that’s due to the growing company, Physical Therapy Now.

The process of owning a Physical Therapy Now Franchise is entirely seamless, and in most cases, you can have your business up and running in 3-6 months. Call us today to learn more about franchising opportunities at (800) 481-4582.  We would love to partner with you!


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