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Why Do Physical Therapy in Miami?

5 More Reasons Why Physical Therapy in Miami Can Help

Healing from an injury, surgery or suffering from an ailment of any kind can be a literal pain!  Regardless what your specific issue is, there’s a pretty good chance that physical therapy in Miami can not only address your pain but could very well eliminate it altogether.  There are a host of reasons why you should consider doing physical therapy in Miami, some of which are included in a previous blog post.  Today, we’re adding on to that blog by giving you 5 MORE reasons why you’ll benefit from physical therapy in Miami.

You Can Get Off Pain Medication

Opioids are medications used to treat pain.  This century-old tradition has evolved in most recent years to treat chronic pain.  According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse, “When these drugs attach to their receptors, they inhibit the transmission of pain signals,” but when taken at high doses or abused, can “induce euphoria,” and the addiction, in most people, sets in almost immediately.

Physical therapy can help reduce your need for these meds because your customized program will be monitored by a professional who will help you get stronger, reduce pain, and will work in tandem with your medical doctor to devise a plan to wean you off of your pain meds slowly.

Get Back to Work Faster

Are you missing work because of your injury or ailment?  And are your finances negatively impacted as a result?  When you begin physical therapy in Miami, you’ll see near immediate improvement in your physical condition, and we’ll orchestrate a game plan to get you back to work sooner than you originally planned!

Will Lower Your Healthcare Costs

Do you know your insurance company WANTS you to get better?  When your health improves, you’ll eventually need to see your doctor less, and you’ll need less physical therapy (if any at all)!  For the insurance company, that means less money will have to be paid out for your medical care, physical therapy sessions, and medication.  For you, getting healthier could mean no more deductibles or out of pocket expenses.  With Physical Therapy Now leading the charge in your recovery, both your physical well-being AND your wallet will reap the benefits!

Physical Therapy in Miami is Convenient

Getting to Physical Therapy Now is easier than ever.  No matter where you are in the Miami-Dade area, you’ll find a Physical Therapy Now location within 5 miles of your starting point.  Getting care when you have physical limitations can be a challenge, so we want to make it simple to get in those much-needed physical therapy appointments.  If you’re having trouble with transportation, no need to worry.  We can help with that as well because helping you get better is our priority!

Wounds Will Heal Faster

When you get in that regular movement that your body craves (and needs), you increase the flow of oxygenated blood that goes directly to the site of the injury.  With the help of your a skilled physical therapist in Miami, you’ll experience less pain and an increased range of motion soon after your sessions begin.  Plus, with specialized training in wound care management, we’ll closely monitor incisions, stitches and, soft tissue and/or developing scar tissue to ensure your wounds are healing properly without infection.

Physical Therapy in Miami

No matter what your ailment is, we can help.  Our expert physical therapy and occupational therapy staff throughout the Miami-Dade area have years of experience successfully treating physical therapy patients just like you.   Call us today to set up your first appointment at (800) 481-4582.  You don’t have to suffer anymore, and now, you have a dedicated team at Physical Therapy Now supporting your physical therapy success!


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