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Wrist Fracture Physical Therapy

Your wrist may be one of the smallest areas on the human body, but when those bones break, the pain can be nearly unbearable.  We get it. Here at Physical Therapy Now, we not only understand the pain you are experiencing, but we also know exactly what you need to make a full recovery.  Once you seek medical attention for your wrist, your doctor may or may not recommend surgery.    After that, wrist fracture physical therapy in Miami will likely be in your future plans.

Common Causes of Wrist Fractures

How did you break your wrist?  If you’re like most people, it probably happened in one of three ways:

  1. Automobile Accidents: Whether you broke your wrist by putting your hands up to protect yourself in your car accident (which is a natural human reflex) or if it was hit or pinned underneath something in the collision, these types of fractures typically involve several areas that need to be healed.
  2. Falls: This is one of those things that you just can’t help.  When you’re falling either forward or backward, it is a natural reflex to use your hands to try and catch yourself.  Not only does your body place a significant amount of weight on your wrist upon impact, but the momentum of the fall also adds to the pressure.
  3. Sports Injuries: The list of sports that lead to wrist fractures is pretty long, but the most common include skating, biking, skiing, and snowboarding. However, a wrist fracture can occur in any sport.

No matter how your wrist fracture happened, know that you are not alone.  And there is good news:  we can help!

Healing a Wrist Fracture

Many people think the wrist is made up of one or two bones, but there are plenty more in that tiny space!  There are 8 bones in total that make up the wrist: 2 of those bones are the radius and the ulna.  Those are the two bones in your forearm.  The other 6 are called carpal bones that are located at the bottom of the palm of your hand.

When you come into our physical therapy clinic in Miami for your fractured wrist, we will review your medical records and x-rays and/or CT scans in depth and determine a treatment plan so you can begin your journey to the best possible recovery.  Our goal for you is a full recovery, so you can get back to doing all those things you love to do as soon as possible.

At physical therapy in Miami, we will focus on increasing your range of motion, rebuilding your wrist’s strength, and improving your overall wrist function.  Depending on the severity of your wrist injury, physical therapy typically lasts 6-8 weeks.

Wrist Fracture Physical Therapy In Miami

When you need physical therapy for a broken wrist in Miami, Physical Therapy Now can help.  We not only bring you the top physical therapists in Miami, but we also provide excellent care to each one of our patients.   If your wrist was fractured in a car accident, we’ll help in keeping you informed about your insurance policy and how much your PIP will cover when it comes to your physical therapy treatment.

And shouldn’t getting to and from physical therapy be easy? We know convenience is key, so we offer multiple locations for rehab in Miami.  Call us today to schedule your first appointment at (800) 481-4582 so we can get that wrist back to where you need it to be!


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