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When To Start Physical Therapy After a Rotator Cuff Injury

That shoulder pain hurts.  And that’s why you moved forward in getting surgery to have it repaired, despite all the non-surgical treatment methods you tried.  They may have helped, but not nearly enough, right?  But now what?  You know you need to start physical therapy, and you’re not alone in wondering about when to start physical therapy after a rotator cuff injury.

The Timing Must Be Right

As described by Healthline, “The rotator cuff is a group of four muscles and tendons that help stabilize the shoulder. They also aid in movement. Every time you move your shoulder, you are using your rotator cuff to stabilize and help move the joint.”

Just like any other surgery, healing the rotator cuff properly is a must. However, the timing of each step you take through the healing process must be right; otherwise you risk further injury.  And when it comes to your rotator cuff, you have to make sure to take it easy, regardless of how ready you are to jump back into your normal routine.

Your healing journey probably won’t be exactly like anyone else’s because just like your specific rotator cuff injury (and the way it happened) is unique to you, so is the healing process.

Physical Therapy for Rotator Cuff Injuries

There are so many different ways a rotator cuff can be injured.  It could be tendonitis or bursitis, or it could have happened in a sporting accident or perhaps a car accident.   In many cases, surgery can be avoided by undergoing physical therapy, but whether you opt for surgery or no surgery, the following will give you some insight as to what will happen in physical therapy.

Here at PT Now, the therapist will help you:

When to Begin Post Surgery Rotator Cuff Physical Therapy

It is important to note: the following timeline is general.  Your personal healing journey and physical therapy timeline are unique to your injury, surgery, health and healing process, so use this only as a guide as to what you might expect:

Rotator Cuff Physical Therapy in Miami

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