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Loida has over 37 years in the healthcare industry with over 30 years in management and
operations. She led companies in mergers, acquisitions, and integration of multispecialty medical
practices. Through her many years of owning her own billing company, she has performed
Medical Billing/Collections for several large acute care Hospitals, Medical Groups, Physical
Rehab facilities and Mental Health/Substance Abuse and has successfully provided Billing and
Collection Management. Loida has also intimately assisted with implementation processes and
system enhancements within the facilities and was responsible for the content management process.
She’s the founder and chairperson of a management consulting company. Loida has strong
relationships with Payers and Hospitals.

Geysa Gonzalez Human Resource Director, Geysa has been working with Physical Therapy Now for 15 years since inception. She has expertise in all areas of the Physical Therapy Business including her latest accomplishment of Human Resource specialist.

Ms. Jennyfer Calvo has been working with our CEO Andres Zapata since 2014. Since our inception in 2015, Ms. Calvo has served as the director of our franchise education program. Prior thereto, she served as a manager for RITECARE PHYSICAL THERAPY, LLC.

Ms. Fonda has worked as a Credentialing Specialist for the past 10 years, before she joined our team in 2016. Since 1986, Ms. Fonda has worked as a Medical Billing Specialist with Collections for Urgent Care Centers and family practices in New Jersey and Florida. She is knowledgeable with respect to administrative and office procedures. Ms. Fonda acquires contracts with commercial insurance companies and workers’ compensation for our corporate offices and franchise locations. In addition, Ms. Fonda is in charge of compliance matters such as ensuring that our corporate and franchisee information, such as licenses and operating certificates, are current and up to date.

Ms. Yeni Gonzalez has served as our Credentialing Specialist, working hand in hand with our franchisees and affiliates, since our inception. Ms. Gonzalez also assists the team as a franchise sales consultant with 12 years of experience in the physical therapy field. Prior to working with us, she was the manager for REHABILITATIVE TREATMENT FACILITY, INC. between 2009 and 2013, and served as the comptroller for Jaller Raad Rehab Center from 2005 to 2009. Ms. Gonzalez further worked as a transcriber for various physical and occupational therapy establishments.



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