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Physical Therapy Now continues its growth by awarding Dr. Anthony Caruso a Physical Therapy Now Franchise. Dr. Caruso will be operating the awarded franchise out of Lake Worth, Florida.


Dr. Caruso is a Chiropractic physician with 20 years of experience. He has successfully been treating and serving the Lake Worth Community since 2000 through his own private practice.  His passion for patient care and health has allowed him to auspiciously operate his practice and makes him the ideal franchisee to continue the Physical Therapy Now growth and vision.


Dr. Caruso is a Florida State University and Life Chiropractic College Alumni. He has experience in multiple specialties such as whiplash recovery, back injuries, impairment ratings and much more.

With the addition of Physical Therapy Now, the Lake Worth community now has a resource to seek care for chronic pain, orthopedic injuries and post-surgical rehabilitation.


Physical Therapy Now of Lake Worth accepts all major insurance carriers and ready to serve you!


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