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When you need injury treatment in the Irving, Texas area, we can help with a customized physical therapy plan just for you.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic has kept most gyms closed nationwide, many people chose to turn to alternative ways of being physically active. While it’s great that we are all trying to stay active during these trying times, we know that accidents can happen to any one of us… especially if taking on a new form of exercise.

Know that if you are injured in any way – whether it’s during your new-found exercise regime, in a car accident, or perhaps a slip and fall, our staff at Physical Therapy Now Irving is on standby to help with stellar injury treatment in the Irving, Texas region. Regardless of your injury, we are here to help you heal. Our goal is to help our patients to reclaim their health and get their lives back through a customized physical therapy program.

Car Accident Injuries

According to the most recent Census data, the state of Texas is the second-highest in population and growing. This means that there are likely more cars on the road and a greater risk of an accident than in many other places.

If there are injuries, we know how stressful and painful it can be. Some of the most common types of car accident injuries you could incur are whiplash, herniated discs, neck pain, back pain, and fractures. Our therapists are experts diagnosing these injuries and will provide you with stellar care as they examine your injury and build your individualized treatment plan.

Pre and Post Surgery Therapy

Pre-surgical therapy is another type of treatment that we offer here at our PT Now Irving location. It is performed before your surgery; the goal is to prepare the body for the healing journey that will take place following surgery. This process allows your body to better prepare for the surgery and provides a faster recovery time.

Post-surgery therapy is performed after your surgery to ensure that your bones, muscles, and other affected areas continue to strengthen and heal properly. The length of time will vary for each person and depends on the type of surgery that occurs, but the overall goal is to help you heal in a timely, effective manner.

Sports Injuries

Texas is home to many sports teams, from little league to the pros. Whether you play professionally or just for fun, sports can offer lots of benefits. However, injuries are an unfortunate reality of the game. Injuries big or small can significantly impact your ability to play, but some can even affect your entire life.

We treat all types of sports and athletic injuries. Whether it be a concussion or torn ligaments, there is nothing we can’t handle. We also offer unique tailor-made programs for athletes and trainers to choose the recovery path that is best for current and future goals.

Physical Therapy Irving, Texas

Are you ready to begin your physical therapy journey to a full recovery? You’re in the right place. Give us a call today to discuss your options.  Our team is on ready and waiting for you at 214-225-0291. Let’s do this!






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