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Physical Therapy Sanford, Florida


Do you have pain? Do you have physical limitations slowing you down?  Your team of experts at Physical Therapy Now of Lake Mary is here to help you reach optimal wellness & get your life back. We treat various injuries & offer many treatment options.

Our goal is to make sure you feel strong & healthy in as little time as possible. Whether you need pre or post-surgery therapy, have neck, back or hip pain, need to heal from a car accident, or need a physical therapist in Lake Mary for any other reason, we’ve got you covered.


Car Accident/ Slip and Fall /Personal Injuries

Our patients come to us needing physical therapy rehab for a variety of car accident injuries, including concussions and various TBIs, broken bones, lacerations, and more. If your claim requires communication with a personal injury lawyer, we’ve got you covered.  We’ll get all the documentation necessary to keep the claims process going smoothly.

Pre-Surgical & Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

Some surgeries are planned, so you know what to expect.  And then there are those surgeries that happen unexpectedly, and the entire process takes you by surprise.  Whether your surgery is planned or unplanned, and whether you need pre- or post-surgery rehab, our team is here to make sure you leave your sessions feeling healthier and stronger than before.

Back & Neck Pain

Sometimes they happen simultaneously, but other times, neck and back pain occur separately. How is your back pain presenting? Is your neck pain intermittent or ongoing? Either way, our goal is to help you eliminate that pain by targeting the source and creating a treatment plan to help you live pain-free.

Knee Pain

What could be causing your knee pain? Could it be a ligament tearing little by little?  Is it normal wear and tear? Or might your knee pain be from something more serious? We’ll explore every option and get you accurately diagnosed, so you can reduce and even eliminate your knee pain altogether.

Shoulder Pain

Why hasn’t your shoulder pain gone away yet? Because you don’t have a diagnosis of what the problem is! Our physical therapy team right here in West Boca can help immediately.

Chronic Pain

A little pain here or there can sometimes be bearable, but when it drags on for weeks and then months, it will likely be diagnosed as chronic pain.  No one wants to live like that! That’s why we’re here. Helping you live with no pain is our goal for you.

Balance Therapy & Vestibular Therapy

Whether you need to gain better balance as you’re getting older or because you need to heal from an injury or ailment, we’ll create a balance therapy plan tailor-made just for you.  When you’re done with your sessions, your better balance goals will be met.

Loss of Motion

When you’ve been injured, you may notice you can’t simply move around the way you did before.  Physical therapy for loss of motion is what you may need, but the only way to know is to let us take a look.

Sports Injuries

The list of injuries can go on and on.  Meniscus tears, rotator cuff injuries, torn ligaments, broken bones… if you need to heal 100% from any sports injury, the skilled therapists at Physical Therapy Now will guide you every step of the way.

Weakness, Stroke, Balance Disorders, Neurological Disorders

PT For Athletes (ages 10 and up)

There are a host of reasons we see athletes at Physical Therapy Now in West Boca. Whether you are a Middle School or High School athlete, College Athlete, live an athletic lifestyle, or trying to get back in the game.

Sometimes it’s something simple, like conditioning, or perhaps injury prevention is the priority.  Then there are those athletes who come to us because they have to heal from an injury.  Our goal is to get that patient back on the court or field and/or back in the game as healthy and as soon as possible.

We also offer maintenance programs to increase strength and physical conditioning for everyday individuals and athletes of all ages.

Work Injuries

Workers’ compensation claims require in-depth documentation of not only your injuries but also your healing progress.  Sometimes, occupational therapy is recommended to help you recover and get back to work.  When you need a physical therapy facility for workers comp claims in West Boca, Physical Therapy Now is the place to be.

Pain Management

With no drugs, invasive procedures, or side effects, Physical Therapy can often be the best option for your ailment. However, even if surgery is required, therapy can give you improved outcomes and shorten healing time. Are you interested in laser therapy for pain management? We offer that as well!

Concussion Therapy

Did you know a concussion is considered a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)? Whether mild or significant, a concussion should never be taken lightly. Our team of experts will evaluate your concussion with great care and detail to give you the greatest chance at a full, healthy recovery.

Exercise Therapy

It’s no secret that being physically active can impact your overall health. At Physical Therapy NOW, we offer unique exercise therapy services designed to help you look and feel your best.

Exercise can come in various forms, and it can be a key component of improving your mental and physical health. At Physical Therapy NOW, our exercise therapists are eager to help West Boca residents increase their strength and get in better shape. With the right treatment plan, you may discover that your mental outlook changes for the better as well.

Herniated Disc Therapy

A herniated disc can wreak havoc from morning until night, but that’s why you need a skilled therapy team and/or chiropractor to help with that herniated disc. Therapy to target those areas of pain can help tremendously.

Kinesiology Taping

There are several different kinds of tape that can be used, and we’re skilled at placing it in just the right area to help with your pain and/or performance.

Graston Technique

Here at Physical Therapy Now of West Boca, we love to use the Graston Technique when we can. Not only does it support healing in a healthy and efficient way, but it also minimizes treatment time.  That means you can get back to enjoying the things you love – pain free!

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