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Depending on the type of surgery, post-operative recovery can take time and effort. Corrective surgery does not always mean that you will immediately feel better. Following your doctor’s instructions after surgery is crucial to getting you back to normal functioning. If your doctor recommends physical therapy as part of your recovery treatment plan, do not skip it. Physical therapy will guide you through stretches, exercises, and other activities designed to accelerate your healing process.

High-quality post-operative care in Miami, FL, can be found at Physical Therapy Now. Our therapists work with post-surgery patients of all ages to improve strength and mobility and reduce pain. 

Types of Post-Operative Physical Therapy 

Your treatment plan might vary depending on the type of surgery you had and your mobility. Your physical therapist will use a combination of pro 7dven treatments to treat you after surgery. Common post-operative physical therapy treatments include: 

Your physical therapist might use these treatments and others to put you on the path to post-surgery recovery. 

Benefits of Post-Operative Care

Post-operative physical therapy, especially exercise therapy, is hugely beneficial for building strength, increasing mobility, and reducing pain. Increasing strength and mobility is a critical component in preventing further injury and helping you heal quickly. Physical therapy after surgery will also help prevent scar tissue from forming around the surgery location. Regular exercise and movement can help prevent other issues such as blood clots and infections. Exercise therapy can also improve your flexibility and keep your muscles from tightening and becoming stiff. 

The Importance of Patient Participation 

While physical therapy treatments after surgery have many different benefits, patient participation is the most crucial element to success. According to the National Library of Medicine, patients who participate in their own care are more likely to have a better recovery than those who do not. This is why it is essential that you do not skip physical therapy after surgery. Physical therapy is not just about recovering from surgery, but it is about learning how to keep your body healthy beyond that initial recovery period. 

Post-Operative Care in Miami, FL at Physical Therapy Now 

Physical therapy is an integral part of getting you back to your normal lifestyle after undergoing surgery. You can find the highest quality of post-operative care in Miami, FL, at Physical Therapy Now. Contact us today at 800-481-4582 to schedule your first appointment and get started with your personalized treatment plan today. 


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