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We here at Physical Therapy Now of Largo help our patient’s get their health and life back. We treat car accident injuries, pre-surgical & post-surgical rehabilitation to regular maintenance programs for the everyday individual and athletes. Our professional staff handles injuries of all types. Our doctors are among the Nation’s finest and are trained to provide the latest techniques in the rehabilitation industry.

We invite you to our facility located in the Largo area. When it comes to your health, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than the best. Come and find out why Physical Therapy Now Largo has rapidly become the communities preferred Physical Therapy facility.



Brett M. Somach, PT,DPT

Dr. Brett Somach is from Atlanta, GA who has spent the majority of his life in Florida. He is the Clinical Director of Physical Therapy Now in Pinellas County. He earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Exercise Science at Florida State University and a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Florida A&M University. In treating patients he embraces evidenced-based practice and draws upon current research to incorporate validated methods into everyday practice. He is currently working towards completing his certification as a board-certified  Orthopedic Clinical Specialist. His treatment methods incorporate manual techniques with an emphasis on mobilizations with movement, muscle energy techniques, and corrective exercises emphasizing the restoration of proper biomechanics and functional movement. Dr. Somach also works part time at a local hospital in the Acute Care and Inpatient Rehab departments which has provided him with ample experience treating a plethora of pathologies in many different stages of care. Outside of the clinic, Dr. Somach enjoys participating in community outreach. He is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys boating, fishing, hiking, and recreational sports.


Cody Higgins, DPT

Dr. Cody Higgins is a Florida native, from the capital city of Tallahassee, where he graduated with his Bachelors of Science and Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Florida A&M University. He is an active member of the American Physical Therapy Association and Florida Physical Therapy Association. Cody strives to apply patient-specific, evidence-based interventions to efficiently maximize the patient’s function and prevent recurrent injury. His treatment focuses on analyzing and addressing dysfunctional movements and biomechanics with an emphasis on hands-on techniques combined with mobility, stability, and movement specific corrective exercises. Outside of the clinic, Cody enjoys an active lifestyle, participating in local outdoor events, playing sand volleyball, and working out.

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It’s no secret that being physically active can impact your overall health. At Physical Therapy NOW, we offer unique exercise therapy services designed to help you restore your body and renew your life.

A Path to Physical and Mental Rehabilitation
Being physically active doesn’t mean you have to be a runner or play a sport. Exercise can come in a variety of forms, and it can be a key component of improving your mental and physical health. At Physical Therapy NOW, our exercise therapists are eager to help those in Largo, FL increase their strength and get in better shape. And with the right treatment plan, you may discover that your mental outlook changes for the better.

Don’t be intimidated by the idea of exercise. With the right therapy program, you could be on your way towards feeling better physically, mentally, and emotionally. Call us today for more information about our exercise therapy program or to schedule your consultation.

A FCE can be utilized to decide wellness to work following a broadened time of restorative leave. On the off chance that a employee can’t come back to work, the FCE gives data on forecast, and word related recovery measures that might be conceivable. A FCE can likewise be utilized to encourage and recognize changes to employee workload, or alterations to working conditions. For example, ergonomic measures, that the business might have the capacity to attempt with an end goal to oblige a worker with an inability or restorative condition. FCEs are expected to decide whether a worker can continue working in a limit “similar with his or her aptitudes or abilities” before the inability or medicinal condition was analyzed. A FCE includes appraisals made by at least one therapeutic specialist. There are two sorts of FCE utilized by the United States Social Security Administration: the Mental Functional Capacity Evaluation (MFCE) that measures passionate and mental limit, and the Physical Functional Capacity Evaluation (PFCE) that measures physical functioning.

Studies have been embraced to evaluate the precision of FCEs in foreseeing the long term results for patients, both as far as coming back to work, and in the likelihood of perpetual handicap.

FCEs are likewise used to decide qualification for incapacity protection, or benefits qualification if an employee is forever unfit to come back to work. T

Amid Most FCEs, the accompanying estimations are additionally taken:

Lifting power

Push and draw control

To what extent one can stand or walk

Adaptability and coming to

Getting a handle on and holding capacities

Twisting abilities

Equalization capabilities


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