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Physical Therapy NOW Awards Practice to Franchise Vice President


Sharmi Cattani met Physical Therapy NOW CEO Andy Zapata while working as a Franchise Consultant looking for a Physical Therapy practice that had the systems developed to become the next successful franchise to add to her book of diverse franchise businesses. Impressed by Andy’s ability to view business in the long-term stand point, create value protocols to build a profitable business model and then replicated five times over she approached him about developing his business into a franchise model. At the time Andy was studying the franchise industry himself and decided to embark on the journey of training entrepreneurs like himself to own successful Physical Therapy Centers.


A year later, together with Andy, Sharmi awarded over 15 locations and developed an Executive Team to support franchisees. Franchisees of clinical and non-clinical backgrounds thrive and are able to fight against consolidation of private practice by coming together under one brand to operate at a lower cost, receive assistance in billing and collections and credentialing (acquiring insurance contracts). Also, even more exciting was the fact that the business model could easily be scaled into multiple locations for a franchise owner once they understood the brand.


Sharmi decided she wanted to follow in her mentor’s footsteps and open a practice for herself. Understanding that the most important aspect of the PT NOW business model is to have a franchisee that would follow the operation, marketing and administrative training and systems she looked to her older sister knowing the entrepreneurial apple never falls far from the tree. Cynthia Pavon had over 20 years of executive level administration experience. She was also studying Health Service Administration at the time. Sharmi explained to Cynthia how she could work hard to grow her own business in an industry that is recession resistant and poised for growth. They also partnered with longtime friend Rommel Brioso a business major who could see the benefits of investing a proven business model. Within 3 months they opened the doors to they’re Physical Therapy NOW center and with the support of the franchise became the fastest growing franchisee for Physical Therapy NOW. Cynthia operates the practice and the administrator and managing partner using the PT NOW business model as a vehicle to achieve the results she wants. Physical Therapy Now provides supervision and departments to answer and guide her as she grows the business. Because of the ongoing assistance and training Cynthia and her partners have gained operational expertise otherwise acquired through trial and error helping avoid costly mistakes. The next natural step in their business plan is expansion. The PT NOW FIU Team are thrilled to see how quickly they can consider opening they’re second location.

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