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Physical Therapy in Kendall

Written by Andy Zapata

The last thing anyone wants to do if they’re injured is to go out of their way to get to physical therapy. PT should be close, and it should be convenient. So, Kendall area residents…you’ll be thrilled to know that Physical Therapy Now is right in your neighborhood! Our West Kendall location is the perfect place to rehab an injury you may have sustained in an auto accident, at work, or even around the house. Or perhaps you’re looking to heal from a sports injury, or you need post-surgery rehab.  We can help!



Why Should I Get Physical Therapy?

Short answer: because you probably need it. Longer answer because not addressing an existing injury or ailment can lead to more problems down the road, including permanent damage.


Physical therapists are trained to help you regain maximum mobility and functionality, and a consistent course of PT at Physical Therapy Now in Kendall can get you back on your feet, feeling better, and sometimes even completely eliminate pain symptoms.


What Types of Injuries Do You Treat?

Quite a few! In addition to services like workers’ compensation treatment, we treat a host of injuries and conditions, including:



What Exactly Does Physical Therapy Include?

Physical therapy goes far beyond what you probably think it offers. Physical Therapy Now provides a comprehensive range of therapy services such as:



What Should I Expect from Physical Therapy?

At Physical Therapy Now in West Kendall, you’ll work with one of our highly skilled and experienced physical therapists to create a detailed, customized plan of action based on your injury and pain. The therapist-client partnership is critical for your recovery, so it’s important to ask questions both before you start and while you’re rehabbing. Once you and your physical therapist create goals for your rehab, you’ll work as a team to achieve them, so you’re feeling like yourself again.


Physical Therapy in Kendall

If you’re in the Kendall area and in need of rehab or preventative care, give Physical Therapy Now a call at (800) 481-4582 to set up an appointment. We’re open late Monday through Friday for your convenience!


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