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How Can Physical Therapy Help with Muscle Weakness?

Written By Andy Zapata

If you have been involved in a car accident of any kind, there is a strong possibility that you will need physical therapy services. Something you might experience as a result of injury and subsequent recovery is muscle weakness. You might struggle to lift things that have otherwise been easy. Walking up steps might tire you and cause muscle fatigue far more quickly than in the past. These are very normal experiences and can be resolved with careful, consistent work towards recovery. Sticking with physical therapy can help with muscle weakness.

What is Muscle Weakness?

Muscle weakness, according to MedlinePlus, is defined as “weakness in one or more muscles.” If you are experiencing muscle weakness as the result of an injury, this means that your muscles are not performing at their full potential. You might struggle to grip or lift things with the same force you normally would. You might struggle to walk up steps or long distances, and you might even find standing for an extended period more exhausting than usual. You simply won’t produce the same amount of power or force that you would if your muscles were at optimal health.


How Does Muscle Weakness Occur?

Muscle weakness occurs after an injury to the muscles. If they have been strained or torn, they will not have the same strength they had previously. There is a period where avoiding overusing the muscle allows it to heal more quickly. However, this can result in weak muscles from lack of use.


Participating in physical therapy treatments as your muscles heal can increase your strength over time. Muscle weakness is normal to experience after an injury but avoiding using the muscle altogether can cause more harm than good. Creating a plan with a physical therapist will allow your muscles to heal while also strengthening them through exercise and will aid in getting you back to full functioning.


Remember to be patient throughout the physical therapy process. The wide range of treatments used are meant to provide relief, allow for healing, and strengthen. This process can take time and requires dedication, but you won’t regret making the effort to get better.


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