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When you choose Physical Therapy Now as your physical therapy clinic, you will receive treatment tailored to you. We understand that you are a unique individual and will not have the same needs as someone else, even if their condition is similar to yours. Our focus is getting you back to doing the things you love and living your life to its fullest potential, pain-free. If you are searching for a physical therapy clinic in Palmetto Bay, consider our experienced services and expert physical therapy team at Physical Therapy Now. 

What Conditions Does Physical Therapy Treat?

Our physical therapists treat all conditions from car accidents or slip and fall injuries to stroke or developmental delays. We offer any service you might need, including: 

The therapies recommended for you will depend on your condition or injury and your physical abilities when you begin. Your recommendations will evolve and adjust over time as your treatment progresses. 

What Can I Expect from a Physical Therapy Appointment? 

Your first appointment with Physical Therapy Now will involve paperwork and an initial physical assessment. This is where you and your physical therapist will begin to get to know one another and where your needs will be assessed. Your therapist will test your flexibility, evaluate your strength and mobility, and understand your ability to perform daily tasks. From this information, your therapist will create a customized treatment plan. Once you begin physical therapy, it is essential to communicate with your therapist about your pain levels and any updates on your condition. They will adjust your treatment plan accordingly.  

How to Choose a Physical Therapy Clinic

Ultimately, you need to choose the physical therapy clinic that will meet all your specific needs. These things to consider can help you determine what physical therapy clinic is right for you: 

Referrals are not set in stone. If your physician has referred you to a specific physical therapy clinic, you do not have to schedule an appointment with them. If you feel another clinic will better meet your needs, you can choose them instead. 

Physical Therapy Clinic in Palmetto Bay at Physical Therapy Now

Physical therapy is designed to increase your strength and get you back to living your life. Physical Therapy Now is a top physical therapy clinic in Palmetto Bay, and we are dedicated to making sure our patients receive the best treatment possible. Contact us at 800-481-4582 to schedule your first appointment. Don’t forget to ask our friendly staff about our teletherapy services


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