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Physical Functional Capacities Screening

If you have been out of work due to injury following an accident, your employer will want some proof that you are physically capable of returning to work without risking reinjuring yourself. It is also crucially important that you take care of yourself and understand your limitations as you heal and move toward your normal level of functioning.


When you have shown improvement and feel you are close to returning to work, your physical therapist will use the physical functional capacities screening to determine your physical tolerance and likelihood of returning to full duty at work without risking reinjury. The physical functional capacities screening is also known as a Functional Capacity Evaluation.


When is a Screening Necessary?

The physical functional capacities screening is necessary when you need to determine if you can adequately perform the duties required by your employer. Each employer has its own set of requirements, and the screening will be based on the physical demands of your individual job.


How Does a Screening Work?

When you receive services at Physical Therapy Now, our team of highly trained professionals will perform your screening. It consists of a series of physical examinations that will test your upper and lower body strength and abilities. Depending on your individual requirements, the examinations can take four to five hours or even as long as two days.


The length depends on your request and the requirements of your employer. If your employer requires a functional job analysis, we will perform the screening based on the physical requirements of your specific position. This analysis can also be required by employers before hiring a candidate for a physically demanding position or in order to qualify for a disability claim.


How Does a Screening Help?

A physical functional capacities screening is beneficial for both you and your employer. Most importantly, the screening focuses on patient safety. It can determine your abilities to minimize your risk of reinjuring yourself on the job or otherwise. It assesses your maximum physical capabilities and communicates these to your employer so they can adjust accordingly and determine your ability to return to work safely and practically. If you are amid a worker’s compensation or other injury case, this screening will answer any questions about your physical abilities and provide clear and detailed reports. The goal is for you to remain safe and maintain clear communication about your potential physical limitations.


Physical Functional Capacities Screening at Physical Therapy Now

Our experienced team at Physical Therapy Now follows a standardized set of protocols to adequately determine your ability to participate in your job and meet your employer’s requirements. We will work with you to determine what level of activity is right for you and at what level you can return to work. Call our team today at 800-481-4582 to schedule your first appointment.



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