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Muscle Strain Therapy in Miami

The pain associated with a muscle strain – at its worst – can be excruciating.  At best, it is an annoyance that disrupts your day to day activities… one you would much rather do without. Left untreated, the former can evolve into something much worst, and for that little bit of pain you’ve been experiencing… it can transition into something unbearable.  The answer:  muscle strain therapy in Miami.

What Causes Muscle Strains?

Muscle strains can be startling because not only do they cause pain, but that pain will take you by surprise.  There is typically no build-up that occurs… the strain happens and just as quickly as the pain sets in, the damage is done.

The strain itself is a tear in the muscle fibers and occurs when a muscle is either overworked, overstretched or both.  Because the human body is made up of nearly 40 percent muscle, there are unfortunately many areas where a muscle strain can take place.  However, this injury most commonly occurs in the neck, chest and shoulder areas, as well as in the calves and thighs.

 How to Treat a Muscle Strain

The most common doctor’s order for a muscle strain is the RICE method.  This acronym stands for:

  • REST
  • ICE

While this method of treatment is typically most successful in mild-moderate muscle strains, a more injury-specific, hands-on approach may be needed if the muscle strain falls into the moderate-severe category.  For this, reaching out to a physical therapist in Miami at Physical Therapy Now will be your best bet.  Our physical therapists have extensive experience and specialize in a variety of treatments that are customized for your specific muscle strain. You will need to contact our muscle strain experts if:

  • The strained area is numb
  • The strained area is swollen
  • You have limited mobility
  • There is bruising, broken skin, or bleeding
  • The symptoms are not improving significantly after using the RICE method for three days or more

Muscle Strain Therapy in Miami

Your recovery time is highly dependent on the extent of your muscle strain injury and your commitment to participating in the physical therapy treatment plan.  Your physical therapist in Miami will customize a rehab plan with the goal of you living pain-free and on the path to 100% health and wellness.  If you are in need of a physical therapist in Miami for muscle strain therapy, call us at Physical Therapy Now at (800) 481-4582.  We can help!


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