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Miami Aquatic Therapy After a Car Accident

Are you suffering from a car accident related injury resulting in pain, loss of function, broken bones and more? Are you interested in recovering in a faster, more efficient manner, and increasing your overall strength while you do it? Recovering from a car accident is hard, but consider Miami aquatic therapy when you are making your recovery plan. Physical therapy in Miami at Physical Therapy Now has many benefits and can improve your recovery experience in a variety of ways. One of the recommended common therapies used for recovery from car accidents and slip and fall injuries is aquatic therapy in Miami.


Miami Aquatic Therapy – How Does It Work?

When you begin Aquatic therapy in Miami, you’ll learn that it consists of an exercise regimen conducted in an immersed environment. By exercising, stretching and strengthening your muscles in water, you can promote your recovery by using the buoyancy of the water to reduce stress on your joints and instead focus on strengthening your musculature.


Don’t worry – you don’t need to be a swimmer to participate in this type of therapy! Miami Aquatic therapy after a car accident is a great way to build your strength that is safe, as the chances of re-injury are reduced in an aquatic environment. When you participate in Miami aquatic therapy at one of the many Physical Therapy Now locations, the natural resistance of the water will result in you utilizing your muscles more, building more strength, and promoting recovery.


Benefits of Aquatic Physical Therapy in Miami

Using an aquatic environment to mitigate high stress and strain on broken bones and other injuries during therapy is a great first step towards the overall management of your condition, but there are other ways taking part in aquatic therapy in Miami provides benefits.


For example, warm water can be a strong tool for relaxing muscles and increasing blood flow to the injured areas, which will promote healing. As an added bonus, water-immersed exercise increases natural resistance, resulting in building stronger muscles, in a shorter period of time.  If you have been in a car accident, there are numerous reasons to consider physical therapy and aquatic therapy in Miami, as you manage of your condition and return to good health.


How Physical Therapy in Miami Can Help – Contact Us Today

After a car accident, you have two calls to make.  First, you need to see your doctor.  Even a seemingly small bump to the head can lead to more serious complications.  Or what may seem like just a stiff neck shouldn’t be ignored.  Your doctor can give you a full assessment and recommend a treatment plan to aid you in a full recovery.


Your next call should be for physical therapy in Miami.  Your team of Miami physical therapists at Physical Therapy Now will customize a treatment plan for you and your injuries, including Miami aquatic therapy – and you will receive a top-level customer service experience that you can only receive from your Miami physical therapy team at Physical Therapy Now.  We operate under the belief that your rehabilitation is a team effort, and helping you heal is our priority.  Call us today to get started at (800) 481-4582.  Let’s do this together!


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