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Invest in a Franchise

Entrepreneurship and becoming your own boss are popular topics of discussion in today’s business world. The flexibility and freedom entrepreneurship promises to provide are so appealing that many people have ditched their day jobs to pursue just that.


The problem is, lack of research and support for their business of choice means some of those would-be-business owners must return to the daily grind after significant loss of funds and time. The good news is, there are more options beyond owning a business. If you want to be your own boss but still want some added security, consider investing in a franchise.


Established Business System

When you purchase a franchise, you are stepping into a proven system. The business model has been tested to determine what works – meaning – the franchise operation has already done most of the legwork. You will be provided with employee training programs and policies, marketing strategies and resources, business models and so much more. All you have to do is implement them.


Established Customer Loyalty

Becoming a part of a franchise means you take on their brand. The name and logo of a trusted brand means you don’t have to hit the pavement to attract customers. The customer base is already established. They have a sense of loyalty to a company they already trust, making it more likely that they will spend their time and money purchasing your products or services.


Financing Options

Many franchises have an existing rapport with financial institutions that will carry over to your business. When they provide you with their business strategies, they will also provide you with their financing options to increase your chances of being approved for your franchise of choice.


Consistent Support

A franchise investment means you have a constant stream of support in your corner. Odds are, the franchise support team has seen your problem in the past and has a strategy for solving it. You can reach out for help and have ready-made solutions at your fingertips rather than floundering on your own.

Freedom and Flexibility

Even though you are bound to remain within the parameters of your contract, you are still your own boss. You own your location (or locations), can set your hours, and run the day to day operations as you see fit. The profits belong to you, and you are still afforded the freedom and flexibility that many who start their own business crave.

Increased Chances for Success

Established franchises are set up for success. The key is to find a franchise that has a proven track record and knows how to relate and cater to the current market. It is a much better option than striking out on your own with minimal support and resources. Entrepreneur had this to say:


“Government research over the years has indicated that the success rate for franchise-owned endeavors is significantly better than the rate for non-franchise-owned small businesses. In short, the good news is that franchising makes up a significant part of the national economy and presents a statistically better chance for success than other business options.”


Not only will you contribute to the growing economy, but you will be investing in yourself and your future.

Invest in a Franchise with Physical Therapy Now

Physical Therapy Now is an established franchise, and we have all the available resources to give your business the best chances for success. Whether you are brand new to business ownership or a physical therapy clinic looking for additional support and resources, we can assess your current needs and move you toward your goals. Browse our website or call us at (800) 481-4582 today.


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