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How To Start a Physical Therapy Business

So, you want to start your own physical therapy business?

Whether you’ve got it all mapped out (down to the location, office furniture, and logo design), or if you’re early dreaming stages (the sky’s the limit!), owning a business can become a reality.  But know this:  it takes work.  HARD WORK.  But – it does pay off, and there are a few key tips to making your entrepreneurial ventures successful.

The Perfect Location

City, rural or somewhere in between, you need to have an easily accessible location for your physical therapy business.  Think about it like this:  why would someone – who is already experiencing physical limitations and discomfort – want to be inconvenienced in the attempt to receive care?  They wouldn’t!


Choose a physical therapy location in Miami that offers ample parking with ease of access that is close to your customer base, and you’ll be on the right track.

The Visibility

Not only is the location important, but being visible plays a key role in your flow of business as well.  Many physical therapy businesses get patients because those potential customers drive past the physical therapy facility on a regular basis.  High-traffic areas can be a game-changer when it comes to how many patients your business receives, so keep visibility in mind.

Online Presence

You must also maintain an online presence through your website and social media.  Neglecting this all-important aspect of any company can be detrimental to any business.  Your potential customers will likely be searching online for the services you offer (so they can use your business), so be sure to get that aspect up and running as well AND maintain it with regularly updated, relevant, great quality content.

The Equipment

You will be incorporating a combination of both traditional and innovative physical therapy techniques in your business.  To do this effectively, you’ll need to have not only the equipment but also ample space as well. The cost for purchasing this equipment is also important to keep in mind.  Because it will total several thousand dollars, there are various lending companies who will allow you to finance the equipment or a bank loan can help in making the purchase.

A Mentor

Do you know someone who has started their own physical therapy business?  If so, tap into their knowledge and experience and ask for their guidance and support. Learning from others can make a huge difference in how your business unfolds, so be open to learning and reach out for help!

Consider An Easier Route

As you are investigating the idea of owning your own physical therapy business, consider another way to make it happen:  by becoming a Physical Therapy Now franchisee!  Those 5 bullet points above are just a fraction of all you’ll need to do before you open your doors – and don’t forget, you still need to handle hiring, billing, communications, marketing and so much more.

When you choose to join the franchise family at Physical Therapy Now, you also choose unparalleled support and successful systems that are already in place.  Those hiccups that come by way of the grassroots efforts are very few, so give the idea of becoming a Physical Therapy Now franchisee some serious thought.  You’ll be in great company, as Physical Therapy Now is one of the fastest growing physical therapy franchises in the country! Head to our website or give us a call at (800) 481-4582 to get started.


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