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How to Pick the Perfect Franchise on A Limited Budget

You’ve finally gotten to the point of making the money you’ve always wanted to make.  You’ve worked hard and those days of living paycheck to paycheck are long gone.  However, the memories of financial stress are still there, and you want to do any and everything you can to make sure you never experience being broke again.  One of the ways you can do that is by creating a sound investment, such as investing in a franchise.  Read on for some tips on how to narrow down your franchise options.

Start-Up Costs

When you’re looking for your franchise opportunity, the cost of the initial investment is likely a big factor.  If you had the means to pick a massive franchise to invest in, of course, you would, but if your reality is choosing a franchise with a smaller investment, that’s perfectly fine.  Many options have an initial cost well below the $200,000 mark.  Do a little research, and you’ll find no shortage of options.

Quick Profit Potential

Because your funds are available but not as “deep” as you’d like them to be, you need to choose a franchise that will turn a fast profit.  You don’t need a business that will take well over a year to move your money from the red zone to green.  Choose a franchise that will bring in clients by not single numbers, and not double digits, but by the hundreds.   This will translate into not just making profits but making profits FAST.  The more paying clients you have, the faster your money will multiply.

Fulfill a True Need

There are dozens of franchise opportunities that provide an excellent service, but the best franchises are those that genuinely fulfill a NEED for its clients and customers.  Consider a franchise that gives your customer base a NEED versus a WANT.  Those little luxuries in life that someone wants but doesn’t need can easily be pushed aside.  However, if the service you’re offering is something that has an actual need, your customer base is less likely to let it go and will instead, put your offerings at the top of their priority list.

Make Customer Service Shine

You know that feeling when you walk into a business and feel good about being there?  That’s the type of business you need to choose to invest in for your franchise. When customer service is impeccable, your customers feel good about your business, they spread the word, they leave great reviews, and the snowball effect gets underway.  This makes all the above possible, and your business can grow leaps and bounds.

Picking the Perfect Franchise

As you continue to narrow down the choices for your franchise opportunities, consider researching an investment in a Physical Therapy Now franchise.  You’ll check all the boxes above:  low start-up cost, quick profits, fulfilling a real need and the prioritization of customer service.  Plus, we walk our franchisees through each step of the business building process, so you’re never alone.  We’re right there with you from choosing your location to closing out the books month after month.

When you choose to become a part of our franchise family, you also select success, financial independence and a unique entrepreneurial journey that will shape your future beyond anything you ever imagined.   Email us today to get started at Franchise@PhysicalTherapyNow.com or call us at (800) 481-4582.  Let’s do this!


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