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Hand Therapy in Miami

Written by Andy Zapata

An injury to the hand can cause a lot of pain and prevent you from doing even the simplest of daily routine activities. It can affect your ability to drive, play sports, use your computer for work, and even your ability to enjoy a nice meal. It’s such a nuisance that you may have to take time off from work or miss family functions.

But there is a solution: If you have pain in one or both of your hands – whether it was caused in a car accident, a fall, a sports accident, or in any other way – it is a good idea to consider getting physical therapy to help manage and quite likely – eliminate that pain.

What is Hand Therapy?
Hand Therapy is a type of physical therapy that focuses exclusively on injuries that occur within the shoulder, arm, and hand region of the body. The goal is to help the patient complete everyday tasks and perform activities with ease by improving flexibility and reducing pain. This is done through a series of exercises with a physical therapist. Here at Physical Therapy Now, we have helped hundreds of patients just like you!

Types of Hand Injuries

There are several types of hand injuries, so you are not alone. Here is a list that MedlinePlus says are some of the most common:

What Exercises Will I Be Doing?

This is a list of some of the types of exercises you may be doing in hand therapy. These exercises are built to both heal and make you stronger and should be done with the supervision of a skilled physical therapist.

How Can Physical Therapy Help My Hand Injury?

Physical Therapy can help to alleviate the pain from your hand injury through natural strength building and healing exercises. At Physical Therapy Now, our staff will first evaluate your injury and can create a custom plan just for you.

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