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Everything you need to know about your physical therapy appointment is right here.

Are you experiencing pain from an injury or ailment? Do you think physical therapy will help in your recovery and rehabilitation process?  Physical Therapy Now Cape Coral is here for you.

So, what is next for you? The first thing you will want to do is call the Cape Coral Physical Therapy Now office at (239) 424-9904 – or schedule an appointment on the Physical Therapy NOW website.

What Happens During a Typical Physical Therapy Session?

The first thing to know about an appointment is that each one will take no more than one hour. During your session, your physical therapist will guide you through stretches and exercises that are specific to your injury or area of need. These are used to help relieve pain, increase flexibility and movement and restore function.  All of this is geared towards helping you feel better and getting you back to activities you love to do.

You will most likely use our state-of-the-art equipment during your treatment program. Your physical therapist will oversee and guide you through each movement, stretch, and exercise.  You are never alone in your journey of healing and recovery.

How Long Does it Take For Physical Therapy to Work?

The length of time for physical therapy can depend on multiple factors. It depends on each patient’s healing rate, as well as the issue that is being treated.

Instead of focusing on the length of time your healing will take, you and your PT will create progress goals, both short-term and long-term, that you will work toward.  The short-term goals will allow you to have small victories as you move toward recovery and healing.

What Should I Do After a Physical Therapy Session?

You may feel a bit sore the day after going through a session. This is completely normal since the injured area is targeted to promote healing and recovery. The worst thing to do is not come in for your very next visit, as it is important for the therapist to work through your soreness and to show you some techniques to decrease it.  Talk with your PT about any post-therapy pain, and he or she will provide a customized care plan just for you.

You should also continue to perform the home exercise program of stretches and exercises that your physical therapist recommended for you between appointments.

What Precautions Are Taken For COVID?

To ensure safety for all of our patients, we adhere to all CDC guidelines.  Our office and equipment are cleaned and sanitized after every use. Temperatures are taken from all patients and staff.  Masks are required for all staff and patients, and no one is allowed in the office who is experiencing any COVID symptoms.  These are a few of the standard procedures we utilize to keep our patients and staff safe.

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NOW is the time to take the first step in your recovery and work toward a pain-free life. Call Physical Therapy NOW today at (239) 424-9904 to get started.  Physical Therapy Now Cape Coral is your place for healing!


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