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About Compression Therapy:

The Normatec is a multi-unit system that combines air compression with a pulsing massage increasing in intensity. The Normatec has multiple attachments that cover upper and lower extremities including the arms, legs, and hips.

How Does it Work?

When the Normatec starts, the sleeves fill with air and the compressions begin. The pulsing massage mimics the natural muscle pump that promotes blood flow towards the heart.

Benefits of the Normatec:

What Does it feel Like?

The Normatec feels like the best hug you have ever gotten. Similar to a blood pressure cuff but in a regulated, pulsing pattern.


– Sincerely your friends at Physical Therapy Now West Boca,

Clifford & Lauren

If you are interested in trying the Normatec out, Give us a call! All you need is 15 minutes.  



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