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Did you know you can pay out of pocket ( cash ) for your physical therapy treatment at our West Boca physical therapy center instead of using your health insurance? Continue ready to learn more about the many advantages of paying for your PT this way.

First of all, private pay physical therapy is more cost effective and provides better outcomes when compared to insurance based physical therapy. With private pay there is a lower number of average visits, lower cost of care, and 100% of your treatment is spent with your physical therapist. In the private pay world, we get our patients better faster. Our West Boca Raton physical therapists have many patients who pay cash for their treatment for this reason.

 More Reasons Why Paying for PT Out of Pocket May Be Better?

With insurance, most patients have a copay or coinsurance depending on your deductible and how much you have met, you may be responsible for an out of pocket cost at the end.

As physical therapists, while we love utilizing health insurance and making each session as cost effective as possible, using your health insurance to pay for therapy can also lead to limitations or complete denial of care.

Rather than your health insurance telling you what is best for YOU, let’s work together to develop the BEST plan of care without any restrictions or limitations.

What are some positives of using Self Pay over Insurance:

Just remember, when you don’t use your health insurance coverage for a medical service, the money you pay out of pocket will not count toward your deductible!

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