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With summer temps topping the hundreds on any given day, it’s no wonder many people don’t want to opt for socks and sneakers! A quick slip-on shoe like flip-flops seems to be the most popular shoe of choice.  However, you need to wear these particular styles thoughtfully, meaning if you start experiencing pain in any area of your feet, you might need to grab a different shoe with some better support. 

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Are Flip Flops Bad For Your Feet?  

According to an article published by Temple University, “Your toes tend to over-grip when you wear flip flops because the thin straps don’t securely hold your shoes in place. This over-gripping, along with a lack of arch support, can lead to inflammation in the plantar fascia ligament along the bottom side of your foot. Known as plantar fasciitis, this is one of the most common results of overwearing flip flops.”

Here at Physical Therapy NOW, we’ve treated many patients for plantar fascitis, many of whom admit to wearing shoes (like flip-flops) that no doubt contributed to their foot problems.  

The publication from Temple goes on to say, “With no cushioning between your heel and the ground, flip-flop wearers may find their heels aching after too much time spent walking around. That’s because your heel takes the brunt of the pressure with each step you take – and if there’s no cushioning or shock absorption under that heel strike, pain results.”   The article continues, “Flip flops can also exacerbate other types of foot pain, from bunions and hammertoes to tendonitis. And since your feet aren’t covered or well-protected, you’re at greater risk for stubbed toes, cuts, insect bites, and infection.”

So, what if you’re one of those die-hard flip-flop wearers that don’t want to give up this popular summer wardrobe staple?  Try these tips to ensure your feet stay as healthy as possible:

Flip Flops & Foot Health

Top Summer Shoe Picks

Experts say some of the best summer slip-ons you can invest in is the Birkenstock shoe.  It checks all the boxes in terms of foot health and will endure through several hot Texas summers. You can also take a look at these popular podiatrist-approved shoe picks for the hot summer months.  

And in the meantime, if you’re experiencing foot pain and think you might need physical therapy, call your experienced team at Physical Therapy NOW in Irving at (214) 225-0291. We can help! 


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