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It’s rare – and nearly unheard of, for a younger person to experience a broken hip. Of course, it’s possible, but for the most part, hip fractures occur to the more seasoned generation… that’s how the stats have stacked over the years.  But one thing that hasn’t remained the same is the treatment for hip fractures.  

Rest, rest, rest was once the primary doctor’s order, with other treatments to slowly follow.  Now, however, it’s quite the opposite. According to A Literature Review of Postoperative Rehabilitation after a Hip Fracture, “Early mobilization is important for optimal postoperative management of patients with hip fractures. Early mobilization includes getting in and out of bed, sit-to-stand, sit from a chair with arms, and walking with an assistive device.”

Read on to learn more about how treatment for a broken hip evolves.

Treatment Following Surgery for a Broken Hip

In most cases, surgery is required for a broken hip.  The surgery is typically done within 48 hours of the injury. However, depending on the overall health, fracture type and age of the person who experienced the fracture, other treatment options may be explored, including hip replacement and physical therapy.  Regardless, PT will absolutely be required to support the healing process.  

“Starting physical therapy quickly after surgery will increase your chances of reclaiming your mobility,” says silversneakers.com. “That might entail spending some time in a rehab facility or heading home and then participating in an outpatient physical therapy program. Most people who are recovering from a hip fracture need physical therapy for at least four to eight weeks.”

Believe it or not, sitting and standing as described above can occur mere hours following surgery, and the progression evolves from there.  When the patient is ready, they’ll be sent home to continue with the exercises, and they may have a treatment plan that includes coming into the PT office, not just for the rehabilitation but also so the physical therapist can assess progression and healing following surgery. 

Physical Therapy in Irving and Surrounding Areas For a Hip Fracture

If you live in or around the Irving area and have experienced a hip fracture with or without surgery, the experienced Physical Therapy Team at Physical Therapy NOW can help. Your healing journey is unique to you, and there is no one size fits all physical therapy plan for everyone who has had hip surgery. Your plan will be customized to you and your needs. Call us now to set up your first appointment at (214) 225-0291. 


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