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Are you in search of a physical therapy clinic in Irving, TX?

Physical Therapy Now is an outpatient physical therapy clinic offering a wide range of treatments to patients with various injuries and conditions.

We have experienced staff who create individualized treatment plans and help patients meet their therapy goals, regardless of injury, ailment, or circumstances. We continue to use the latest proven techniques and discoveries in physical therapy to provide the best possible treatment to our patients.

We want you to get back to living at your best and doing the things you love as quickly as possible. If you are looking for a physical therapy clinic in Irving, Physical Therapy Now is the place to go.

Physical Therapy

We follow the latest recommendations for physical therapy treatment to get you back on your feet fast. Studies have shown that regular physical therapy exercises and treatments are effective in reducing pain and improving mobility.

Our physical therapy treatments cover car accident injuries, sports injuries, slip and fall injuries, and rehabilitation following a stroke, arthritis diagnosis, or other conditions that affect strength and movement. We use exercise therapy, massage, hydrotherapy, and other proven treatments/therapies to get you feeling and moving better, as quickly as your body allows.

We also offer functional capacity evaluations for worker’s compensation patients so you and your employer can be confident that you are ready to return to work safely.

Telehealth Remote Therapy

We believe in providing flexible treatment options to treat our client’s unique needs. Under some circumstances, physical therapy treatment can be done from home. We offer teletherapy services and remote appointments using an Internet-connected device from the comfort of your home. Our staff can guide you through exercises and answer any questions you have during your remote appointments.

Physical Therapy Clinic in Irving at Physical Therapy Now

We treat patients of all ages for a variety of health reasons. Some come to us for pre and post-surgery therapy, while others may need treatment for a car accident injury, a sports injury, or perhaps a slip and fall.  There are so many other reasons a great physical therapy team is needed, and we’re here to not only meet but exceed your expectations.

If you are looking for a physical therapy clinic in Irving, contact us at Physical Therapy Now at (214) 225-0291 to schedule your first appointment. Our staff is available to answer all your questions and get you on track to a full recovery.


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