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Common Pickleball Injuries – And How Treatment Can Help

If you’re here from Part I of our Pickleball series, you’re in the right place!  We just covered the popularity of the sport and injury prevention. If you missed it, check it out once you’re done with this read!  Now, let’s cover what some of the most common pickleball injuries are. You might be surprised! 

Common Pickleball Injuries 

Let’s break down pickleball injuries into two different areas: acute injuries and chronic injuries. 

Acute Pickleball Injuries

These injuries, according to the National Library of Medicine, “Acute traumatic injuries in Pickleball can result from falls, secondary to a sudden turning or pivoting movement. Sprains of the ankle joint, particularly with inversion, are very common in tennis and the mechanism for this injury would be similar for Pickleball. Depending on the severity of the sprain, this injury could result in significantly impaired movement or inability to bear weight.”   Other common acute injuries can occur to the:

Treatment for Pickleball Injuries

No person’s pain, injury, or injury severity is the same as the next person’s experience, so treatment will depend on a variety of circumstances.  However, in many cases, the tried and true R-I-C-E method will prove beneficial.  Rice, ice, compression, and elevate will be hugely beneficial for most sprains, strains, twists, and bruises/bumps.  However, we always advise getting a professional opinion over self-diagnosis, because some injuries could require more extensive treatment, like a concussion, a tear, or a fracture. 

Depending on the injury in some cases, physical therapy could also be in your future. 

Physical Therapy for Pickleball Injuries 

When you come to a physical therapist for your pickleball injury, you’ll first be evaluated so we can understand the extent of your injuries.  If we believe PT can help, we’ll customize a program specific to you, your goals, and your injury.  Whether your goal is to be pain-free as soon as possible, get stronger, or get back on the pickleball court ASAP, we’re here to support with:

Injured Playing Pickleball? 

While pickleball is a fun sport with many benefits, like any other sport, injuries are unfortunately part of the game. Do you or a loved one need physical therapy for a pickleball injury?  If you live in or around the Irving, Texas area, we can help!  Call us at  (214) 225-0291. We can help.


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