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Pain Management Therapy can help with your pain tremendously.

No matter how you have been injured or hurt, pain is real, and it can range from annoying to unbearable. You may have been hurt in a car accident, a sports injury, maybe a slip or fall at home.

We at Physical Therapy NOW understand that you want to feel better and provide you with a recovery option to manage your pain effectively. At the Altamonte Springs location, helping patients feel better is our priority.

An Alternative to Prescription Drugs

For many folks, managing their pain is as easy as getting a prescription from their doctor. While there are those instances when pain management medication is needed, they need to be taken with extreme care and caution. We are in the midst of an opioid epidemic globally, and far too many people find themselves accidentally addicted to pain management meds. Why? Because they want to feel better.

To avoid the possibly deadly repercussions of an addiction to pain pills, some patients prefer other options to deal with and manage their pain. And, luckily for them, it is possible to manage pain without the use of prescription drugs.

Say Yes to Pain Management Therapy

When you are treated at Physical Therapy NOW, you are doing so in a caring, supportive facility with experienced physical therapists. They understand that your goal is to find a pain management method that does not rely solely on taking prescription drugs to reduce pain.

When you choose pain management therapy, you will be under the care of a caring, giving physical therapist who has your best interest at heart. Not only will they handle your treatment, but they will also provide the tools to manage your pain while you are home, as well. They can recommend stretches and exercises to help your recovery and reduce your pain when you are not in the Altamonte Springs treatment facility.

Call Us Today to Start Feeling Better

There is no time like the present to start your journey to feeling physically better. If you want to get your pain under control and avoid what could be a costly and dangerous addiction to pain medication, we are here to help every step of the way.

Call Physical Therapy NOW today at 407-214-6333 and learn how our team of highly trained and caring physical therapists and doctors can get you on the path to being pain-free.


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