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You might be surprised to know that physical therapy isn’t just about your health and healing when you’ve been injured  Did you know your physical therapy documentation can play a role in the legal proceedings of personal injury claims?  

How PT Is Used In Accident Claims

The documentary “Take Care of Maya” is an interesting example, and Maya Kowalski’s documentary has been seen on Netflix by millions of people. The story is a tragic one, as reported by Court TV.  It involves Jack and Beata Kowalski and their children, Jack and Maya. According to the lawsuit, Maya was initially admitted to Johns Hopkins All Children’s Medical Center in July 2015 for a severe asthma attack.  That’s where the events started that, according to the claim, led to Beata taking her own life in 2017. The Court TV story reads:

In Sept. 2015, Maya was diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, a neuropathic disease “generally caused by damage to or malfunction of the central nervous system,” according to the suit. To treat the diagnosis, Maya was given Ketamine infusion treatments, which caused her symptoms to steadily improve. In Oct. 2016, Maya began to experience abdominal pain and vomiting. She was taken back to All Children’s Medical Center for treatment. Beata was with her daughter and asked for Maya to be given the appropriate dosages of pain medications she needed. – Court TV

Court TV’s latest update of the case at the end of September 2023 notes the following:

Physical therapy records show that Maya’s level of pain was 8/10, but handwritten hospital records listed Maya’s pain as a zero.

PT was not only helping Maya manage her pain, but it is now playing a key role in this ongoing case. 

Rehab’s Role in Car Accident Claims

The case discussed above isn’t the only time physical therapy has been used in legal proceedings. As a matter of fact, when it comes to personal in just claims, like car accidents, physical therapy records are often used to help prove the severity of the victim’s injury, and their healing progress. This is why choosing a physical therapy practice with personal injury claim support experience is so important.  Should you or a loved one ever be injured in an accident, consider choosing a practice with this expertise. It can play a key role in the settlement process.  You can reach us right here at out Irving location at Physical Therapy Now.  Call us at (214) 225-0291.



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