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We’re right in the thick of the beloved football season, and Texans in and around Irving are soaking up every bit of it. But for those of us who work in the physical therapy industry, our connection to football runs even deeper than the game on the TV screen and being a diehard fan.  We work hand in hand with athletes who get injured in a football game, and need our expertise to get back on the field as quickly and safely as possible. 

Two recent headlines are prime examples. 

Nick Chubbs: How PT Will Play A Key Role In His Return To Football

The Cleveland Brown’s player suffered an injury so gruesome that ESPN decided not to replay the tackle that lead to Chubb’s injury during the live broadcast. It’s not the first time the running back has been injured. As a matter of fact, he suffered a similar injury back in 2015, when he played at the University of Georgia. 

A physical therapist named Tom Christ was interviewed in about Chubb’s injury. He explained that the hardest part of Chubb’s rehabilitation will be at the beginning and the end of his journey… with the end being most pivotal. 

“The protocol for what you can do post-operatively from the start, it’s gonna change based on how many tissues are involved,” Christ said. “Let’s say [the meniscus] has to be repaired. You’re gonna be limited in how much range of motion you can work in the first six weeks. Same with if a (posterior cruciate ligament) is involved. That’s gonna really limit how much range of motion you can work early on.”

Aaron Rogers – Physical Therapy For His Achilles Tendon Tear

It was the season ending injury that shocked the crowd and left Jets fans in disbelief.  Fortune described how Aaron Rogers injury happened

In the first quarter of his first game as a New York Jet, quarterback Aaron Rodgers dropped back to pass. Buffalo Bills defensive end Leonard Floyd blew past the offensive line and wrapped up Rodgers, dragging him awkwardly to the ground. Rodgers got up, before falling back to the turf, grimacing in pain.”

There is no doubt most medical professionals think the artificial turf is to blame, and about 48 hours later, the NFL Players Association called upon the NFL to switch all fields bearing turf to real grass.

While those discussions continue, Rogers will be dedicating much of his time to healing his Achilles tendon tear with physical therapy

Football Injuries and Physical Therapy

When you or a loved one experiences a football injury, physical therapy will likely be in the cards.  It’s crucial that you choose a practice with staff who has ample experience and a great track record of helping football players get back on track. If you live in the Irving, Texas area, call us. We can help.



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