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Do you have some questions about your insurance coverage when it comes to physical therapy?

There’s no question about it: there are times when medical insurance can be confusing. There are tons of different insurance companies with different policies and rules, coverages, deductibles, exceptions, and out-of-pocket expenses. Then there are various doctors and practices that accept different insurances–it’s a lot to keep straight!

That’s why we’re going to break it all down for you here and answer some of the most common questions we get at our Physical Therapy Now location in Irving, Texas.

We Accept the Following Insurances

We’ll get the easy one out of the way first. We accept most medical plans from the following insurance carriers:

If you have specific questions about your insurance, it’s best to call your carrier directly for help. But it’s important to know that, before you come into our beautiful facility in Irving, our helpful team will have discussed all insurance coverage and potential expenses with you. The last thing you need is a surprise bill a month later, so we are completely transparent with you right from the start in determining what your insurance covers and what your potential out-of-pocket expenses might be.

What Exactly Is Covered?

This is where it gets a little bit trickier–again, we suggest you call your insurance carrier for any policy-specific questions. What we can tell you is that Physical Therapy Now in Irving will work with you to make your treatment and care affordable, regardless of what your insurance policy covers.

Most insurance policies allow a maximum number of physical therapy visits per year–if you exceed that number of visits, the responsibility is usually yours to cover the expenses.

A potential issue is that some insurance policies carry a high deductible that physical therapy won’t cover, resulting in out-of-pocket costs.

But here’s why YOU HAVE NO REASON TO WORRY…Physical Therapy Now in Irving strives to provide the most affordable physical therapy care around, no matter what your insurance coverage is. For example, if you have to pay out of pocket, the fees for your initial evaluation start at just $79–far less than most other physical therapy facilities. Follow-up appointments? Only $59 per session.

Physical Therapy in Irving, Texas

The bottom line is our goal at Physical Therapy Now in Irving is to make physical therapy affordable and convenient for you. We will discuss payment options with you before your first appointment, so you’ll know exactly what is covered by your insurance and what’s not. You’ll also know what you’ll pay, if anything, during your visits–and if you do have to pay out of pocket, rest assured we keep it affordable for you.

Call us at (214) 225-0291 to discuss your insurance options and costs. Then we’ll get you set up with your first appointment and start your road to recovery.


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