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How to Treat Tight Quads

If you have pain in your upper legs on the front side, there’s a good chance you’re experiencing quadricep pain. You might feel it most when you walk, squat, or stand up from a sitting position.  The pain might be subtle, or it could be more significant.  Either way, let’s cover what the cause of your pain might be and how to treat it best. 

What Causes Tight Quads?

Quad pain is unique because it involves both the hip and knee joints. It is most often related to injuries that involve running, like basketball, soccer, cycling or football.  The pain comes about with excessive force, movement or motion typically when the body is in the upright position.  Tight quads can be something as simple as muscle soreness, but it could also be a strain or a tear.  Either way, the severity of the pain and the cause will dictate how much and how long treatment will occur – or if you even need treatment.  

Tight quads can also happen when you sit too long, or, in some cases, lower back pain might be the culprit.  According to Very Well Health, the quads “pull the pelvis forward, over-accentuating the curve of your spine. This compresses the spinal column and back muscles, leading to inflammation, muscle fatigue, and chronic pain.

Treatment for Tight Quads

There are several stretches one can do to loosen tight quads, but there is one that stands out amongst all the rest. It’s called the standing quads stretch.  The International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) describes it below. 

ISSA also recommends the lying quad stretch, the lying side quad stretch, and the kneeling quad stretch. In addition to the recommended stretches, a foam roller is another great option, because it helps release tension, and applies pressure to aid in the relaxation of the muscle. 

Are You Experiencing Pain From Tight Quads?

If you feel like your quad pain is excessive or if you think you may have a tear or a strain in your Quads, we may be able to help.  The team here at Physical Therapy Now has years of experience helping patients manage quad pain, whether it’s from overuse in a sports, a quad injury, or the result of something else, like lower back pain.  Call us so we can set up a treatment plan specific to your needs at (214) 225-0291.


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