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Car Accident Therapy

Car accidents can happen at any time. The resulting injuries, property damage, and financial hardships can have life altering consequences. In just a few moments, everything can change.


While there are times when car accidents can’t be prevented, it is possible to take a proactive approach toward your health and recovery if an accident does occur. The most important thing to do after you have suffered injuries in a car accident is to seek medical treatment immediately.


Another option: contact a car accident clinic with a skilled team of physical therapists. They will create a customized plan for your car accident therapy.


Types of Car Accident Injuries

Injuries can happen in any type of car accident, even one you might consider mild. Rear-end collisions that result in a “fender bender” can still lead to soft tissue injuries that you are dealing with for months or even years. Some common car accident injuries include:



Any injury sustained during a car accident should be taken seriously. It is possible to not feel pain, stiffness, or other signs of injury until days afterward. Make sure that even the slightest discomfort you are experiencing is examined by a medical professional.


Benefits of Physical Therapy

Physical therapists work with a wide range of injuries and have developed assessments for identifying issues and creating treatment plans. It is the goal of physical therapy to get you back to functioning at your optimum level with eliminated or decreased pain.


Physical therapists create specialized treatment plans to ensure the targeting and strengthening of the right areas of your body, which will give you the best chance at a full recovery. At Physical Therapy Now, we will take a comprehensive history of your previous and current injuries and illnesses, examine your medical records, and conduct testing that pinpoints exactly what treatments will improve your health.


Common Physical Therapy Treatments

Our clinic offers several types of physical therapy treatments, including but not limited to:



Depending on your injuries, your physical therapist will determine which treatments will best support your recovery. You are likely to begin with light exercises and work up to more intense therapies as you build your strength.


Car Accident Therapy

Here at Physical Therapy Now, we believe in tailoring our treatments to each individual patient. We communicate with your medical team and communicate with you to assess your pain level and track your improvement as we go. If you have been in a car accident in Miami, contact us at 800-481-4582 to schedule your first appointment.



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