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Best Franchising Opportunity for 2019

Do you want to own your own business? Have you been looking for the perfect opportunity? Are you interested in being a part of the exciting and ever-expanding world of health care services in a business that provides needed care and services to members of your community? Are you looking for a partner in your next business endeavor? Would you like to be part of the $34 billion physical therapy industry? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should consider the franchising opportunity available at Physical Therapy Now. As a best franchise for 2019, Physical Therapy Now can provide you with everything needed to own your own physical therapy services franchise!


What is a Franchise?

A franchise is a method of expanding a business through a contractual relationship between the original owner of the business (franchisor) and the licensee (franchisee). Businesses that are franchised use successful business models that have been proven effective and popular amongst its customers, and franchisees can be confident they are buying into a proven business model. Follow this link to learn more about choosing the best franchise opportunity for you.

Local Need for Physical Therapy Services

Over the past several decades, the popularity of physical therapy services has skyrocketed as medical communities have come to depend upon the health benefits provided by targeted physical therapy. Our business is expanding rapidly, due to the intense need for these services within any community. Our patient base is large and covers every individual who has suffered from any form of physical discomfort. Our existing franchises have a solid foundation in their communities and have experienced robust growth and success, and we expect our new franchises to do the same!

Participating in Physical Therapy Now’s Franchise Opportunity

At Physical Therapy Now, we have worked hard to ensure our services are robust, effective and compassionate, and we have the same expectations for all our partners. To ensure the continued success of our business, we work closely with our new franchisees at the outset and have a vigorous vetting process for interested individuals.

Take Your Professional Life to the Next Level!

We know you have questions about how all this works. Visit the FAQ page of our website to learn more about the application process and all your franchise-related questions! Still have questions about this franchise opportunity? Call a member of our Franchise Development Team at 800-481-4582 to learn more.  We’re looking forward to a long, successful partnership with you!


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