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Back Injuries

Written by Andy Zapata

If you’ve suffered a back injury, you know how painful it can be. Back injuries literally affect everything you do every single day. Walking, sitting, driving, standing…no matter what you do, what position you’re in, you’re in constant pain. Ignoring the pain isn’t going to help, nor will applying a heating pad intermittently throughout the day (though you might get some temporary relief from that).


If your back has been injured, especially from a car accident, seek medical attention before the problem becomes even worse. You can begin by calling us at Physical Therapy Now because there’s a good chance you’ll need physical therapy to get you back to a pain free, normal life.


Types of Back Injuries



How to Treat Your Back Injury

Treatment for back injuries will obviously depend on the severity of the injury. Very serious injuries will more than likely require surgery; less serious injuries may call for long periods of rest or inactivity in order to allow the injuries and trauma to heal. Regarless of the injury, physical therapy could be highly recommended by your doctor.


How Can Physical Therapy Help My Back Injury?

Again, depending on the severity and type of injury sustained, physical therapy can greatly improve mobility and help you regain strength by targeting certain areas in the back to strengthen. A consistent course of PT can also help you manage any pain symptoms over time.

Physical Therapy for Back Injuries

If back pain, whether from a car accident or a different injury, is disrupting your life, physical therapy might just be the solution for you. In most cases, physical therapy can dramatically reduce or completely eliminate the pain you’ve been experiencing, and Physical Therapy Now is ready to help you! Call us today at (800) 481-4582 to get started on the road to recovery!


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