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Arthritis and the pain and stiffness that comes with it can seriously hinder your daily functioning. Arthritis is a general term to refer to discomfort or diseases that affect the joints. If you have chronic swelling, stiffness, and pain in your joints, there is a strong chance that you have arthritis. It can affect your ability to move, walk, or grip items such as a steering wheel, pen, or phone. It can make simple tasks nearly impossible.

Physical Therapy Now offers arthritis therapy in Kendall for those searching for relief from pain and stiffness.  If you’re hoping to increase mobility, we can help with that too.

Common Symptoms of Arthritis 

There are two common types of arthritis that can present with similar symptoms. Rheumatoid arthritis causes your immune system to attack your joints. It attacks both sides of the body simultaneously so that you might experience pain in both wrists or both knees. 

Osteoarthritis can be easier to treat. It is caused by issues such as injuries, aging, and consistent weight or pressure due to heaving lifting or obesity. You may notice pain and stiffness in commonly used joints such as your hips, elbows, and knees after a lot of activity. 

Both types of arthritis can be detected with the following symptoms in the joints: 

If you experience any of these issues, it is important to see a physician or physical therapist to determine a proper diagnosis. 

Beneficial Arthritis Treatments 

Once your arthritis has been properly evaluated and diagnosed, you will be given treatment recommendations. Common arthritis treatments can include: 

If you receive physical and occupational therapy for arthritis, you will be taught exercises and skills to use to simplify your daily life by reducing pain and improving your strength. If necessary, an occupational therapist can help adjust your home environment to be more accessible and accommodate any physical limitations. A physical therapist will teach you exercises to improve your strength, reduce your pain, and increase your range of motion. They may also use massage therapy, ice and heat therapy, and aquatic therapy. Physical and occupational therapy are also frequently recommended after surgery.

Can Arthritis Be Cured?

The short answer is no. There is not currently a known cure for arthritis. However, symptoms can be managed, and preventative treatments can keep some forms from progressively becoming worse. Physical therapy treatments that reduce pain and increase strength can slow the progression of the disease and prevent further damage. 

Arthritis Therapy in Kendall at Physical Therapy Now 

When you receive arthritis therapy in Kendall at Physical Therapy Now, our staff members will meet with you to create a comprehensive treatment plan that addresses the type of arthritis you have and the best ways to slow its progression. If you are interested in working with a physical therapist virtually, we offer teletherapy services that can accommodate special needs and social distancing concerns. Contact us today at 800-481-4582 to schedule your first appointment. 


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