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Are Physical Therapists the Same as Chiropractors?

So, you are finally ready to find some relief for this back pain you have dealt with for years. Maybe the pain is the result of an injury from a car accident or fall, maybe you have arthritis or another condition, or perhaps you simply have poor posture and need help correcting the issue.


Both physical therapists and chiropractors can treat these issues, helping to improve mobility, manage pain, and provide relief. Both professions require a great deal of education and knowledge about the human body and often have similar short-term and long-term goals for their patients. Knowing this, many ask if physical therapists are the same as chiropractors. The short answer is no. While the professions are similar, they differ in several key ways.


How are Physical Therapists and Chiropractors Similar?

Both physical therapists and chiropractors share the goal of improving patient health. Their focused goals include:



Physical therapists and chiropractors are required to spend years in education and training and obtain a license to treat patients properly.  But what makes them different?


How Do Physical Therapists and Chiropractors Differ?

A key difference between physical therapists and chiropractors is that chiropractors work toward short-term solutions while physical therapists teach their patients to reap long-term benefits.  Chiropractic patients may need to go see their chiropractor time and time again, while physical therapy, in most cases, hand an end in sight.


Physical therapists:






How Do You Determine Which Type of Care You Need?

If you have an injury or condition that causes you pain and discomfort and limits your mobility, it is possible that you could benefit from either physical therapy or chiropractic care. Choosing between the two is dependent on your issue and your individual needs. The best way to determine the type of care you need is to talk to your doctor and get a specific referral. It is even possible to use both types of therapy to treat your condition.


For this reason, Physical Therapy Now offers BOTH services.


Physical Therapy and Chiropractic Treatment at Physical Therapy Now

Physical Therapy Now offers both physical therapy and chiropractic treatment. We provide you with a high level of care designed to improve your quality of life. Contact our office at 800-481-4582 to schedule your first appointment and meet with an experienced staff member to create your treatment plan. Do not forget to ask about our teletherapy options.  We are here to help!


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