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Anyone Can Be A Franchisee

Most people who own a business have some sort of background with services provided by the company.  A lawyer who owns a law firm has a background in law.  A dentist – obviously – has formal training and educational background that allows him or her to do the job.  However, there is one chunk of professionals who oversee their business but may or may not have prior experience with it.

That select group? Franchisees.

The Core Elements of a Franchisee

Anyone can run a business, but running a business successfully is what defines the profit potential.  Some say it isn’t all about the money, but let’s have some real talk here:  Most everyone wants – and needs to make money – especially if you’re a franchisee.

So, how does one make that happen?  It begins with a core group of elements that are possessed by most franchisees.  Those include:

Someone Who Is Great at Being Charge – Not everyone is born to call the shots.  The most successful franchise owners are great bosses because they know how to hire great employees, and they know they can’t get it all done on their own.

Someone Who Is A Good Listener – Being a great boss means you also must be a good listener.  Being a “know it all” will only get you to a place that eventually stifles growth and you and your business become stagnant.   Franchise operations have standards, procedures, and protocols in place because they work, and a great boss needs to follow those rules without fault.

Someone Who Is Very Disciplined – It isn’t easy to be at the “top of the chain” at any business, because the bulk of responsibility will often fall on you.  Most franchisees will experience late nights, long days, and exhausting weeks, but it most cases, it pays off!

Someone Who Is Willing to Learn – Being a franchisee is an ongoing commitment. Even in the sole role of “investor,” there are still lessons to be learned.  Be open, work smart, and never stop learning.

Who Can Be A Franchisee?

Anyone can be a franchisee.  Perhaps one of the most inspiring stories comes from Keisha Haggerty, a 20-year veteran Oakland police officer who is scheduled to open her second Subway franchise location in the very near future.

In the story featured in June 2019 by Entrepreneur, Kiesha gives her advice on opening a franchise.

“Absorb everything. Listen and learn from others — ­there wasn’t a single franchisee who wouldn’t give me advice when I started out.  Plan to succeed and stay positive.”

She also says, “I was sent to Connecticut for training for two weeks, learning both inside and outside the restaurant. Even now, the response from corporate is almost immediate if I have a problem. One time I was trying to change some pricing in our POS system, and I just couldn’t get it to work. I called my [franchise] field consultant, and within a matter of minutes, he helped me get it up and running again.”

Any growing, well-run, and successful franchise operation does everything it can to help its franchisees succeed.  As you research your opportunities, don’t hesitate to reach out to both (franchisees and the franchise corporate office) to get a firsthand look at how things are done.

2019 Top New Franchise

One of the fastest growing franchises of 2019 is Physical Therapy Now.  With dozens of locations across the state of Florida and across the country, we’re proud to have been named – once again – one of Entrepreneur’s 2019 Top New Franchises.

If you’d like to learn more about Physical Therapy Now, or how we’ve maintained our top ranking position, go to our website’s franchise page or give us a call at (800) 481-4582.


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