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Why There’s No Better Time To Be A Franchisee

How to Capitalize on the Booming Business of Physical Therapy

If you are in the world of physical therapy, then you may have seen the recent article titled 6 Reasons There’s Never Been A Better Time to Be a Physical Therapist.  That piece is a great read – especially for those considering a career in the medical field.  But there is also another path to consider related to physical therapy – and that’s becoming a Physical Therapy Now franchisee.  Today, we’re following in the footsteps of that previously mentioned article and giving you six reasons why going the franchise route just might be your best bet.

1.     The Physical Therapy Business Is Booming

Here’s the thing: when you provide a service that people want, you’ll get some business.  When you provide a service that people need, you’ll get more business.  When you provide a service that people need, AND you perform that service really, REALLY well, you’ll get a whole lot of business – and that’s the line of thinking you need.  That’s precisely how we operate at Physical Therapy Now, and no doubt one of the core reasons why our franchise operation is growing at a record pace.

2.     We’ve Ironed Out the Wrinkles

Starting a brand new business from scratch can be downright exhausting.  But when you choose to invest in a Physical Therapy Now franchise, you “hit the ground running.”  We have all systems in place, which makes for a “plug and play” concept when it comes to location selection, equipment, marketing, hiring, billing, and much more!

3.     You Can Still Be the Boss – But Only If You Want

Many people shy away from investing in a franchise (or transitioning from a physical therapy private practice to a franchise) because they think they’ll give up too much control.  But – that’s not the way we want anyone to feel about working with us.  If you want to remain super active in the day to day operations of your business, you can certainly do so, or if you want to step back and let someone else handle that, we’ll support you.  When you become a Physical Therapy Now franchisee, you carve our your own destiny!

4.     Your Profits Could Double (or Triple, or more!)

That one line just above is probably enough to peak your interest a bit more, but don’t take it from us.  Listen to our franchisees tell their own stories about their success thus far – you’ll love to hear what they have to say.  Of course, we love what they have to say too!

5.     You Have An Excellent Support System

You are surrounded by experts when you choose to join the Physical Therapy Now franchise family.  When you need guidance or support, we’ll put you in touch with our in house experts who can step in and provide you with the knowledge and direction you need.

6.     The Growth Opportunities are Outstanding

We have franchisees that have chosen to buy just one Physical Therapy Now franchise business and others that chosen to buy more than ten, twenty or more.  Those that choose to buy just one say they want to master that one location’s offerings and be a one-stop shop for everything physical therapy related in their region.  Those who buy more say they want to blanket the region so they can offer convenient locations to everyone – no matter where they live.  With the franchise model of Physical Therapy Now, you have the option to purchase as many locations as you want.

Physical Therapy Franchise

If those six reasons listed above have you feeling a bit more curious about becoming a Physical Therapy Now franchisee, head on over to our website and do a little more exploring about what we have to offer.  Or you can always give us a call at your convenience at (800) 481-4582.


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