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12 Ways to Stop Back Pain

Back pain can stop you in your tracks. No matter how you hurt, tweaked, twisted, or injured your back, the pain needs to be dealt with in one way or another. You may have chronic back pain, were injured in a fall, an auto accident, or spend too much time seated in front of a computer. Regardless, what you are looking for are ways to relieve that pain. Physical Therapy Now can help you alleviate that pain

Ask your medical professional about these 12 suggestions to see if they might provide you with some relief.



Believe it or not, one of the simplest ways to ease your back pain is to simply rest. Your back needs time to recover and resting allows it to do so.


A trained professional can take you through a series of exercises that will work to lessen your back pain. They will even provide you instructions on how to continue to do those exercises at home.

New Pillow/New Mattress

Sometimes the best medicine is changing out those old pillows that can leave you with neck and back pain. Or tossing that old mattress and replacing it with a better one can offer you the type of support your body requires.

Leg Elevation

Get those legs up! To alleviate pressure and pain on your back, grab a few pillows, lay down, and elevate those legs.


Like with exercises, a trained professional can guide you through a series of stretches aimed at alleviating pain in specific areas of your back. They will show you how to perform these stretches at home and direct you on how often you should stretch.


Back rub, anyone? A professional massage – or even a self-massage – can help to relieve pain in your back muscles and joints.


Visiting a chiropractor and getting regular adjustments can help your alignment, with the end goal of relieving any pain and discomfort you may have in your back.

Hot/Cold Packs

There’s a reason that doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapists all recommend using heat or ice when you have an injury… it works! They help to lessen swelling and inflammation, and as a result, your pain.

Physical Therapy

Visiting a physical therapist can also help to alleviate your back pain. They will take you through stretches, exercises, and even spinal traction, while working to have you feeling your best by the end of your sessions.

Medication: OTC and Prescription

Guess what? Sometimes the best medicine is… medicine. Whether it’s an over-the-counter pain reliever or a prescription, medications can stop your pain. At least temporarily.


When all else fails, and you feel as though you are suffering a great deal from back pain, it may be best to get surgery and deal with the issue head-on. This is the last resort. If you can avoid surgery, do so, but this may be the course of action you need to take if nothing else works.


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